Cleveland Police horses Olympic role

Cleveland Police horses Olympic role

Four officers and horses from Cleveland Police mounted section will be making their way to the Olympics to help with crowd safety at Wembley.

Sergeant Paul Johnson, PC Glen Teeley, PC Vicky McGurk and PC Chris Greenwood will make their way to London on Thursday 2nd August along with Cleveland Police horses Reg, Roman, Ranger and Alf.

The officers will assist the Metropolitan Police, and other Forces who have also provided assistance, with crowd safety at the men’s and women’s football events at Wembley and also a number of triathlon events at Hyde Park.

Sergeant Paul Johnson from the Mounted Section, said: “Myself and the other officers heading down to London are pleased to be able to be involved in such a massive event and we’re looking forward to the experience.

“We’ve also received a number of items of kit such as horse blankets and head collars from local and national companies to take to the Olympics and we’d like to thank these companies for their donations.”

Assistant Chief Constable Sean White said: “We are very happy and enormously proud to be able to send officers to assist at the 2012 games in every capacity that we are able to. Police horses provide a brilliant way of controlling crowds and making sure that spectators at big events are kept safe when there are large numbers of people around.

“I hope that those officers that do get the opportunity to go find it a valuable, interesting and enjoyable experience.”