Donkeys rescued from deep flood water

Donkeys rescued from deep flood water

Two donkeys have been rescued from a field in the village of Cattal, York after flooding left them in deep water.

 The RSPCA water rescue team managed to get to the donkeys, 15-year-old Davy and the ironically named four-year-old Noah, and led them to safety yesterday lunchtime.

Happily, both animals were cold but unhurt. The whole operation involved five specialist officers who had travelled from across the North of England for the rescue.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Mark Gent said: "We had to wade out quite a way to get to the donkeys and though they were happy to be led in the more shallow water it became much trickier when the field dipped.

The water was pretty deep. At one point we were up to our necks in it and the donkeys were literally swimming. I’ve done swimming with dolphins but it’s the first time, and hopefully the last, I’ll swim with donkeys!

The team then went to Ripon to rescue 14 sheep from Little Studley Road. The sheep made a swim for it moments before the team waded out, and were all fine.

It was over to the North West of the region after that to assist other officers with the rescue of two horses and a herd of cattle stuck in the River Lune at Brookhouse, Lancaster. Fortunately, water levels dropped and all were okay. Follow up visits took place this morning to check on them."