Great Yorkshire Show cancelled

Great Yorkshire Show cancelled

Cancelling the Great Yorkshire Show could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, organisers have said.

The annual show was cancelled after the first day because of adverse weather.

Nigel Pulling of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society (YAS) said totting up the cost of cancellation had not begun, but it would "definitely run into hundreds of thousands of pounds".

"We threw everything at it but [the weather] meant we just couldn't do it," Mr Pulling said.

Bill Cowling, director of the show, said it was the first time in 154 years it had been cancelled due to weather.

YAS said the decision to cancel after the first day was "heartbreaking".

Extensive preparations were made to combat the wet weather, including installing new roads and new drainage systems. “We have had more rain in the last month than ever before. Our showground is robust and has held up well, but if we cannot park cars safely then to cancel is a most difficult decision, but it is the right one,” said Mr Cowling.

Organisers said advance ticket holders would be refunded, or could keep their tickets for next year's show