Keeping hope alive for young Rupert

Keeping hope alive for young Rupert

A critically ill young donkey called Rupert now has a chance of survival thanks to The Donkey Sanctuary.

Underweight with long hooves, breathing rapidly, despondent and so weak he was unable to stand or eat, one year old Rupert was discovered by the RSPCA in Morecambe, Lancashire, on Tuesday this week. He was immediately signed over to international animal welfare charity The Donkey Sanctuary to receive the specialist care he so desperately needed.

The first 24 hours were critical as vets acting under the advice of experts from The Donkey Sanctuary fought to give Rupert a chance of survival. Lung scans revealed that Rupert was suffering from a severe respiratory infection, and he was fed through a stomach tube as he was unable to eat by himself.

Anna Harrison, Welfare Veterinary Surgeon for The Donkey Sanctuary, explains:

“Rupert’s chances of survival were looking very bleak when he came into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary, he was incredibly thin and weak and his respiratory rate was worryingly high. Whilst he is not out of the woods yet, the specialist care he continues to receive has given Rupert some hope. This morning I was encouraged to hear that he had managed to stand and was attempting to eat by himself. Only time will tell whether he continues to respond well to treatment and manages to pull through, but I am so pleased that we were able to step in and give him a chance.

“Rupert was too ill to be transported to The Donkey Sanctuary’s veterinary hospital in Devon and so we are very grateful to the team of vets at Westmorland Veterinary Practice in Kirkby Lonsdale for the wonderful round-the-clock care they have given and continue to provide. In situations like this where animals are in a critical condition and it is too dangerous to move them, we are grateful for the donations from our supporters which enable us to call upon the services of experts nearby.”

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