Man is killed by horse

Man is killed by horse

They were towing a horse box on the A56 in Haslingden on Wednesday evening when the horse became agitated, police said.

The man, 51, from Middleton in Greater Manchester, stopped his vehicle to tend to the animal, which kicked him in the head. His skull was fractured.

His wife was treated for a broken femur and chest injuries. The couple's daughter was present but was not hurt.

She was also treated in hospital for shock after the incident

Police said when paramedics arrived they found the man unconscious and trapped in the horse box with the horse.

An emergency vet had to be called to the scene to sedate the animal and enable the man to receive treatment. He died at the scene.

Police said the horse became agitated while it was being transported and managed to dislodge the enclosure in the horse box which restricts movement and supports the horse in transit.

When the man entered the horse box the animal injured him.

His wife then entered the compartment to try to help her husband but was also repeatedly kicked and had to retreat.

The horse has been taken to an equestrian centre.