Piggy French to miss out on the Olympics

Piggy French to miss out on the Olympics

Piggy French will sadly be  unable to fulfil her long held dream of competing at the London 2012 Olympics. DHI Topper W has sustained a minor injury and, whilst he will be back to fight another day, he will not be fit for London. In a cruel twist of fate Piggy’s other Olympic hope, Jakata, also suffered an injury towards the end of last month.

Piggy said, ‘I am broken hearted; my dreams are shattered but most of all I feel so sorry for my support team that have been such a vital part of my success and  for my family and joint owners, the Underwoods. My great friend Nicola Wilson is to take my place and I wish her every success with Opposition Buzz.  I hope that Team GB have a fantastic Games and do our country proud. I’ll be rooting for them every step of the way and I look forward to joining them on the Team again in the near future’.

The British Olympic Association (BOA) has confirmed that Nicola Wilson (35) from Northallerton, North Yorkshire, riding Opposition Buzz owned by Mrs Rosemary Search has been selected to replace Piggy and DHI Topper W.


Nicola Wilson Said "“It’s horrific and fabulous at the same time; I just don’t know what to say; I’m devastated for Piggy and wouldn’t wish this on anybody, she’s become a very close friend and I feel for her so much.

“What an emotional rollercoaster, obviously I’m so excited for Rosemary, myself and my support team but so saddened at the same time for it to be at the expense of such a good friend. To be thinking about London now is amazing though - having very much told myself it wouldn’t happen. We’ll definitely be ready.”