Stopping the Cough at

Stopping the Cough at

HAYGAIN hay steamers have launched an exciting new website, which includes everything you need to know about the benefits of steaming hay and haylage.

Out with the old and in with the new is just one key message on the brand new, information packed HAYGAIN website. 

 Old: Soaking hay boosts bacteria growth by 1.5 times in just 10 minutes

New: Steaming kills 99% of bacteria in 50mins!

This year’s winter forage is causing real reason for concern, HAYGAIN steaming is the only way to improve the quality of your horses forage – whatever the quality you are delivered.

The user-friendly website explains the hay steaming process and the science behind the development, as well as product specifications and the latest news.

The initial motivation behind the HAYGAIN patented innovation, was a coughing horse. In just three short years 1,000 of owners have become avid HAYGAIN fans and the word is spreading fast, that once you have a HAYGAIN you will simply never look back.

HAYGAIN hay steamers are scientifically-proven to kill mould spores and bacteria in hay and haylage to produce a warm palatable forage, helping maintain a healthy respiratory system.

HAYGAIN is currently available in three models: the HG-1000, HG-600 and HG-GO. With all the units steamed hay is ready to feed immediately after steaming cycles of less than 50 minutes depending on model. Complete nutritional value and goodness are maintained with improved palatability and digestibility.

Top riders using HAYGAIN hay steamers include Matt Ryan, Emily Llewellyn, Alex Peternell, Peter Storr, Hannah Biggs, Gareth Hughes, Jess Hindle as well as many of the UK’s top race horse trainers.

For further information please contact Haygain on (0333) 200 5233 or visit