The Grass is Even Greener at Northern Crop Driers

The Grass is Even Greener at Northern Crop Driers

A new 500kW biogas plant has come online at Yorkshire equestrian feed manufacturer Northern Crop Driers in September.

Commissioning is complete on the anaerobic digestion plant, which will generate renewable green energy.  Maize and grass silage grown on the Melbourne site will be fed into the system, together with slurry from sister company Melrose Pigs.

Pam Dear, one of the Directors at Northern Crop Driers, said: “Drying horse bedding and grass to produce feed is pretty energy intensive so we’ll be using some of the electricity for that, while the surplus will go into the grid.

“From September our Graze-On product range and Megazorb bedding will be produced using our own 100% renewable electricity.”

The green credentials don’t end there.  The biogas plant also produces a digestate as a by-product.  This is an excellent green fertiliser and will be used on the farm, replacing the need for traditional manufactured fertilisers.

Initially, the plant will only produce electricity, but the team at Melrose Farm is considering using the heat generated to help with crop drying in the future.

Pam said “For our business the biogas plant is a win-win and demonstrates to our customers and the local community that we are committed to sustainability.

“We’re proud of our reputation for producing 100% natural horse feeds and bedding and to be able to do this using our own home produced, renewable electricity is particularly exciting.”