Wheelbarrow booster slays Dragons

Wheelbarrow booster slays Dragons

Father and son business team who rejected a Dragons’ Den offer to buy into their pioneering Wheelbarrow Booster invention are set to become millionaires.

Mike Smith and his son Joe were seen last month on TV standing up to Dragons Duncan Bannatyne and Hilary Devey in a heated exchange after offering just £50,000 in return for a 50 per cent share in the Smiths’ business.

Mike, 54, bluntly told them there was no way he would give away more than 11.5 per cent of the company.

Since rejecting the offer the pair’s invention has taken off.

The £12.99 canvas device which fits in a wheelbarrow and increases its capacity by 300 per cent, is set to rake in £1.3million in sales in its first year.

DIY giant Homebase has already ordered 5,000 units and Tesco Direct is also listing the product, endorsed by gardening expert Alan Titchmarsh. The pair have attracted major interest from as far away as the Brazil and New Zealand. Mike and Joe, originally from Yorkshire but now based in Northampton, gardening company GreanBase.

Joe, 32, said of their decision not to take the Dragons’ money: “I guess it could be seen as a mistake on our behalf but then again it may turn out to be the best thing we have done. They really undervalued it.”

The Smiths predict they will soon be selling 100,000 Boosters a year.