Horse has new artistic career

Horse has new artistic career

A retired racehorse called Metro Meteor, is making a name for himself in the art world, after a knee condition sidelined his successful racing career. It was then that his handler decided to teach the old(er) horse a new trick.

According to Metro's art page, his handler first taught him how to target the canvas, then how to hold a paintbrush. Luckily, Metro put it all together and started swiping away. Once Metro and his humans started churning out passable works of art, they began to sell the paintings to offset Metro's medical bills. They eventually partnered with the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program.

If one were an art critic, they might say Metro's paintings are "bold and abstractionist, with hints of Jasper Johns and, of course, a procedural homage to Pollock."

Or, as it states on Painted by Metro, "It is what it is. A painting you can hang on your wall and tell all your friends it was painted by a horse."

Metro's paintings are often auctioned off and he now has his own Facebook page.