Horse with broken leg at Appleby Horse Fair

Horse with broken leg at Appleby Horse Fair

The RSPCAis to investigate the circumstances surrounding a horse breaking a leg at the Appleby Horse Fair.

RSCPA officers have been on patrol throughout the fair area and have offered advice to people about the over use of sticks, harness rubs on horses and inexperienced riders.

One horse was located with a broken leg early on Saturday morning and had to be put down.

The RSPCA says it will be investigating the circumstances of this incident.

We will continue to be on patrol today and will be proactively speaking to people about animals in the area. We have noticed a number of puppies for sale at Appleby Fair and would advise any visitors not to buy these puppies. The Community Meeting held last night was successful and praise was given to the group for service that has been provided so far during the fair.

– RSPCA Chief Inspector Rob Melloy "The focus of the group will be around the safety of people who are visiting the fair and the local community. We continue to emphasise the importance of people being aware of their surroundings. If you are visiting the fair be aware of fast moving horses, don’t walk on the roads and stick to the walkways. Advice has been given to the gypsies and travellers to slow down when on horse drawn vehicles in certain areas.”