New Laden Trailer Rules For The B+E Towing Test

New Laden Trailer Rules For The B+E Towing Test

If you are thinking of taking your B+E towing test after November 15th you will need to be aware of the changes due to be put in place by The Driving Standards Agency.

It is introducing new requirements for the trailer that you are planning to use.

Already,  trailer must be a closed box trailer, i.e. have sides and a roof, and be at least as high and at least as wide as the vehicle that is towing it.

Now, in addition, the trailer must have a load of 600kg that is appropriately secured.

The load must be either:

Bagged sand with the manufacture’s weight stamped on the packaging


Water in an IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) which is made from semi transparent moulded plastic.

No other type of load is permissible, and the examiner must be able to inspect the load if he wishes to.

If you are having tuition with a professional trainer then their trailer will be set up ready for these changes. If you choose to take your own vehicle and trailer to the test centre your test will not be conducted and you will lose your fee of £115 if it is not presented correctly.

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