Newcastle United fan who punched horse is jailed

Newcastle United fan who punched horse is jailed

A Newcastle United fan who admitted punching a police horse has been sent to jail for 12 months and has been given a six-year football banning order.

Barry Rogerson, 45, punched 'Bud' the Police Horse  outside St James’ Park following a match against local rivals Sunderland in April.

Almost 100 Newcastle fans were charged following clashes with police after the game at St James' Park.

Judge Paul Sloan QC, said Rogerson had "had plenty of opportunities to move away [from the horse]".

He added: "You stood your ground and attacked the horse by punching it in the head.

"There was a risk of serious injury, the officer could easily have been thrown from the horse and could have sustained serious injury."

Ch Supt Gary Calvert said: "The images of Rogerson's behaviour were seen right across the country and further afield through the media and internet coverage of the disorder."

"His behaviour is clearly unacceptable and he was widely condemned by law abiding and right thinking members of the public for his actions."

"In particular, with the next derby just days away, I'm keen to stress that this demonstrates tough action will be taken against anyone involved in such behaviour."