Police Facebook fans name new police horse

Police Facebook fans name new police horse

LANCASHIRE Constabulary’s Facebook fans have named the police’s new horse recruit ‘Hutton’.

Over 230 people voted to give the Irish Draught breed the name after a poll was run on the mounted branch’s Facebook page.

A total of 657 people voted from a list of pre-selected names.

PC Adam Pearson from Lancashire Constabulary’s mounted branch said: “It was great to get the public involved in naming our latest recruit. I would like to thank everyone who voted.

“It is very fitting that the horse has been named Hutton since that is where he lives.

“If you want to keep up-to-date with the work of our mounted branch police officers, see photos and get regular updates, like our Facebook page.”

One of the people who voted will now be chosen as a winner and will receive a tour of the mounted branch and get the opportunity to meet some of the horses and staff.