BE changes for 2014

BE changes for 2014

Prize money has been a hot topic of conversation recently amongst many riders, and as such British Eventing are able to announce that the level of prize money will increase in 2014 at a rate of 3% in line with the rate of inflation; the option remains for organisers to be able to offer enhanced prize money as per the rules.

Due to the rising costs associated with the sport for Organisers, the Sport Committee proposed to the Board (which has been accepted) that event entries should be increased by 3% to reflect the rate of inflation.

For the first time since 2011 BE has increased the prices for membership products by a proportionately small margin; for instance a full membership renewal price will now cost just £5 more in 2014 than in 2011. Grade I horse season tickets will increase by 3% which is a total increase of £5 since 2011 whilst Grade II and III horses will both now cost just £5 more per year since 2011; half year season tickets are set to increase by a smaller margin of £3 which is a 6% increase over the past five years. Grade IV season and half season tickets will not increase for 2014.

Wendy McGowan, BE Finance Director commented: “Whilst we appreciate there may be some disappointment amongst our Members for the changes to our pricing in 2014, we have kept the increases to an absolute minimum. In order for us to continue to invest in the sport and maintain the current member benefits, a continued price freeze on memberships was sadly no longer viable.”

Where is the money spent?  

The membership and registration fees are used to develop the sport further and ensure long term sustainability of the business. Around 50% of the membership and horse registration income is spent directly on the provision of the sport, and Membership services. The remaining 50% contributes to IT developments, the Youth Teams, our membership of the BEF as well as running the Head Office and corporate governance.

British Eventing in 2013 alone has achieved the following milestones:

·         The ‘Events project’ exploring ways to offer additional competition and cheaper ways to compete

·         The development and build of a new, much improved and more interactive BE website to launch in Spring 2014

·         On-going development of an ‘Owners project’ to encourage new and retain existing owners

·         Live scoring testing project to be able to offer members the opportunity to see ‘live results’ from events

·         Completion of the UKCC Level 2 Pilot scheme to develop a wider level of coaches

·         Piloting ‘Try Eventing’ which is an introductory training day for non BE members

·         The development of a comprehensive Training and Education Strategy for all stakeholders, including riders, coaches, volunteers and officials.

·         The development of an updated Risk Management Strategy      

·         Introduction of the inaugural BE100 U18 Championships at Weston Park

·         Running a highly successful FEI course for Technical Delegates, Ground Jury, Course Designers and FEI Stewards at Hartpury in August 2013

·         Increasing the number of BE80 classes for 2014

·         Initiated a joint marketing and training sports research project to gain a clearer idea of membership needs, analysing five years of data to base further  recommendations upon

·         Highest membership figures since 2008

BE Chief Executive Mike Etherington-Smith commented: “Over the last 12 months there has been a major  project undertaken in looking at various areas of how the sport is run including looking at, amongst several other areas, event standards, entry procedures and timelines, entry fees, start fees, refunds, withdrawals, and prize money.

“The project is now into the consultation phase with the sport’s various stakeholders ; we expect to report to the Board in the first quarter of 2014 with the outcomes of the overall project being introduced  in 2015.”

 “The reason that the decision is taking so much time is that it needs to be, and has been, extremely thorough and the proposal is that all recommendations will stand the test of time going forward.

Full information regarding membership fees and competition entry costs will be available on from mid-November.

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