Horse passport system needs to be simplified

Horse passport system needs to be simplified

An anonymous survey of 600 British Equine Veterinary Association  Members showed 84% of respondents found the regulations difficult to understand, making them challenging to adhere to.

The survey was carried out after questions were raised about the efficacy of the system in the wake of the horse meat scandal earlier this year.

Results also showed only 16% of respondents fully understood their responsibilities in respect of the regulations while 90% believed passports did not fulfil their purpose of preventing unsuitable carcases entering the human food chain.

Now, in conjunction with the Equine Sector Council for Health and Welfare, British Equine Veterinary Association is pushing for legislative changes to make the system more efficient.

Former British Equine Veterinary Association president Keith Chandler said: "Fundamentally, it appears understanding and compliance is poor across the entire sector.

"Our members work with horses every day and, while they make a concerted effort to comply with the legislation, the perceived risk of non-compliance by all stakeholders in the sector simply does not outweigh the challenge of compliance."