World's oldest horse Shayne dies

World's oldest horse Shayne dies

Image: Peter Lawson-Casy Gutteridge

Gelding Shayne was put to sleep at Remus Horse Memorial Sanctuary in Buttsbury Road at the grand old age of least 51.

The liver chestnut Gelding has lived at the Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in Brentwood, Essex, since 2007.
He is believed to have inherited the title of the world’s oldest  horse following the death of the previous holder in 2004.
The 15 hands gelding  enjoyed laid back retirement with four meals a day at the 40-acre Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in Brentwood.

Remus founder Sue Burton said staff were "distraught" at losing Shayne.

"We are devastated to lose him," she added.

"He was such a lovely horse with such a character."

A cremation service for the aged animal – whose actual place in history remains unverified because of a lack of necessary paperwork, took place at Row Green Equine and Pet Crematorium in Braintree.

Although he had been suffering mild arthritis, the equine was otherwise in good health, but on February 22, his legs gave way and a vet decided it would be best to put him to sleep.