World's tallest Donkey

World's tallest Donkey

Romulus the Donkey is set to beat the Guinness World Record as the World's Tallest Donkey.

Measured by a local vet in Texas, Romulus is an incredible 68 inches tall, 2 inches taller than previous holder Oklahoma Sam.

Romulus and his twin Remus were rescued by owners Phil and Cara Yellott when their previous owner could not afford to look after them.

The couple use the twins as guard donkeys.

'When we moved to Waxahachie back in October we wanted to get a couple of donkeys to help protect our other animals,' Mr Yellott explained.

'They protect horses and cows from coyotes and other animals.'

Mrs Yellott, who works as a riding instructor in Waxahachie, Texas said she was very worried about Romulus when he first arrived.

She said: 'He was severely underweight, but he’s coming along'.

Vet Dr Valerie Jaffey concluded last month that Mammoth Jackstock Donkey Romulus stood at 17 hands.

Her results must be certified by Guinness World Records before it becomes official.