Pony impaled on fence rescued

Pony impaled on fence rescued

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service received a call to a horse impaled on a fence, initial attendance was a specialist technical rescue officer along with the RSPCA, they requested a vet to attend and the officer requested the Technical Rescue Unit from Cleckheaton to assist with the release of the pony.

The pony was impaled on a 3ft fence, once the animal had been sedated the technical rescue crew used hydraulic cutters to free the pony, the pony was then left in the hands of the RSPCA and the vet, the injuries to the pony where believed to be superficial.

Specialist technical officer Ian Thompson said that the animal had attempted to leap two fences bordering a pathway to a house.

He added that due to the fence being "higher than the length of its legs, [it had] come down and got its belly caught on the railings".

The pony, which was believed to be a Piebald type, was taken into the care of the RSPCA and vet. The owner was not on the scene.

The actual rescue took only 10 minutes, however, crews were at the scene for one hour.