Equine Allergies

Equine Allergies

The longer days and warmer temperatures for many are a welcome sign that summer is around the corner for others however it is the approach of a miserable time for sufferers of hay fever with irritated eyes and airways.  Is it the same for our horses and are there more horses suffering from allergies?

When the body’s immune system reacts to a normally harmless substance such as pollen an allergic response is triggered as the immune system produces an inappropriate response to these substances.

For horses suffering from RAO – recurrent airway obstruction, it is more commonly associated with winter, however pollen can be a contributing factor for horses in summer.

With fields turning yellow as the rapeseed oil starts to flower, and trees also coming into flower you can keep an eye on the pollen count with the help of the Met Office.  The pollen seasons are approximately mid-March to mid-May for tree pollen and mid-May to July for grass.

 If you think your horses is suffering from an allergic reaction you should contact your vet for advice and a treatment.