Increase your chances of qualifying for HOYS with the HOYS Showing Wild Card

Increase your chances of qualifying for HOYS with the HOYS Showing Wild Card


Horse of the Year Show qualifiers are well underway and whilst tens of thousands of competitors set out to get that sought after qualifying position, there are only a limited number of places available. The HOYS Showing Wild Card was introduced in 2015 with the intention of rewarding consistent competitors across HOYS showing qualifiers with the opportunity to compete at Horse of the Year Show.


The HOYS wild cards are eligible within the HOYS ridden horse and pony showing qualifiers. In order to be considered for the HOYS Showing Wild Card, the animals must not have qualified already for HOYS 2017. To decide without prejudice which horse and pony are to be awarded the Wild Cards, only the best five results of each horse/pony, earned throughout the 2017 season, will be considered. 


The calculation will be the same system used to decide the LeMieux Consistency awards, with five points awarded for first place counting back to one point for fifth place in each HOYS qualifying class.  Please note when the HOYS qualifying place is decided as a result of a Championship, the Champion will receive five points, Reserve Champion will receive four points and all other animals in the Championship will receive an equal share of the remaining six points.  Please see the terms and conditions on the HOYS website for full details. 


The horse and pony with the highest number of points will then be awarded the Wild Card place.  This will allow them to enter HOYS in the same manner as any other competitor, and with the same entitlements. In the event of a tie on points and placings there will be a live draw hosted to decide which horse/pony is to be allocated the Wild Card place.


Entries are now open for Horse of the Year Show, for competitor information and the online schedule follow this link


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