Why should elite riders get all the best training? Stubbing Court Training Ltd (SCT), Britain’s leading provider of Apprentices to the equestrian industry, believes that great training is the key to producing great staff. Confident, competent, caring people make for happy horses.

This is why SCT provides its Apprentices and employers with outstanding access to the very top trainers and riders from which to learn and gain inspiration.

The East Midlands-based training company’s acclaimed Masterclass Series is one of these opportunities, and the most celebrated trainer in Europe today – British eventing team coach Chris Bartle – taught small groups of SCT Apprentices and employers all day at Vale View Equestrian, Leicestershire, on 18 November.

With a brilliant riding career – including victory at Badminton – under his belt and an even more successful ‘second’ career as coach to first the mighty German and now British eventing teams, he is one of the best-regarded horsemen in the world. At Vale View, Chris taught riders ranging from those who have competed at a very high level to those for whom this was one of their first opportunities to ride in public.

Chris said: “SCT's apprentices and employers are always enthusiastic and keen to learn and improve. Whether you’re riding at the top level, working your way up through the grades or just starting out, the principles of good riding, good training and good horsemanship remain the same. It's these basics that I strive to pass on through my coaching.”

Everyone who attended the exclusive Masterclass thoroughly enjoyed the day and left inspired and determined to do better as a rider or a coach. One attendee said: “Watching a top-class trainer work with a very varied group of riders and adjust the lesson to suit each member of the group according to ability was fascinating.”

Another said: “Chris used positive encouragement, and had a real no-nonsense but clear approach with more confidence in what I could achieve than I did!”

SCT’s equine apprenticeships allow young people to earn a wage and gain valuable qualifications while learning from excellent professionals, giving them the best possible start to working life. It provides all-round support and advice to both apprentices and employers and, through its superb network of contacts within the horse world, is perfectly suited to fit the right person to the right set-up. It provides superb training, wide-ranging opportunities for personal development and chances to develop employability and professionalism.